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Tanzania Library Services Board

Maktaba Kuu ya Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania Library Services Board (TLSB) is a national institution under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training established by the 1963 act of parliament, and later on repealed by the 1975 act. The Act requires the Board to promote, establish, equip and develop libraries, information centers, and documentation centers in Tanzania. TLSB has the role of ensuring that it provides information to all groups of people including:- children, youth, adults, and disadvantaged groups. In carrying out the above responsibilities TLSB acquires, organizes and distributes books, non-book materials and other forms of information materials to individuals, schools, Institutions and public in general.
Nyerere's thought on Libraries

Nyerere on Libraries "...Books are a very important way to knowledge and to self-improvement; from them we can learn new ideas; new techniques of working and new methods. We can learn about the development of men in all its different aspects; we can broaden our understanding of other peoples and even of ourselves. All the experiences of mankind, all his discoveries and his inventions can be learned about through reading. And the provision of a National Library Service in Tanzania means that this knowledge is made available to all our literate citizens and through them to people who have not yet learned to read."
Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere, 1967

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