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Taking stock of the planned activities that have been scheduled to be carried under the FLA – TLSB Project [Libraries for Development] from January – December, 2015 at Tanga and Dodoma Libraries, the desired goals of this cooperation project have been achieved and surpassed.

In a nut shell, the following occurred under the sponsorship of the project: Tanga and Dodoma libraries are now have modern and well equipped ICT sections specifically for conducting ICT literacy to the community; capacity building has been achieved by sending staff [who are now referred as ICT instructors] to study aspects of ICT at local computer colleges; managers of each library had an opportunity to visit Finland for a study tour; both libraries have actively engaged in ICT training to the community within the libraries and through outreach program free of charge; and Seminars on the role of libraries and ICT for the nation’s development were carried at both libraries in respect of convincing decision makers to actively take part in developing public libraries in Tanzania.

The response of the community towards this service has been exceptional. It is such an exciting transformation that TLSB Libraries are increasingly realizing its ambition of taking public libraries to the grassroots and cater for the information needs of the community along the advancement of ICT. Congrats to the managers of Tanga and Dodoma libraries for the excellent supervision of this project. Many thanks to the Finnish Library Association [FLA] and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for funding this project!.


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