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After a successful constitutional election, on Friday 26th February 2016, Tanzania Library Association [TLA] got a new leadership for a three year term up to 28th February, 2019. The elected candidates are:

Ms Juliana Manyerere - Chairperson

Mr Seif Hikmany -Deputy Chairperson

Mr Leontine Nkebukwa -Secretary General

Ms Irene Saria -Deputy Secretary General

Ms Tumpale Mwakasangula -Secretary – Planning, Finance and Administration Department

Mr Aristarik Maro -Secretary – Education, Professionalism & Ethics Department

Mr Daudi Danda -Secretary – Research, Development and Publications Department

Dr Rose Msoffe -Secretary – Sectoral Libraries Department

Mr Hermenegild Haule -Secretary – Regional Branches Department

All are wished success.


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