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About TLSB

Tanzania Library Services Board is a national institution under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training established by the 1963 act of parliament, and later on repealed by the 1975 act.
The Act requires the Board to promote, establish, equip and develop libraries, information centres, and documentation centres in Tanzania. TLSB has the role of ensuring that it provides information to all groups of people including:- children, youth, adults, and disadvantaged groups. In carrying out the above responsibilities TLSB acquires, organizes and distributes books, non-book materials and other forms of information materials to individuals, schools, Institutions and public in general.
The entire TLS system holds about 802,834 volumes of books and 456,002 pieces of periodicals and newspapers. And there are a total of 143,340 registered users and an estimated number of 13,762,083 occasional users of TLSB.

Mission and Vision
Since education is a basic human right for all in society, the mission of the TLSB is to provide timely and accurate information to all those in need without discrimination.

TLSB to be the leading institution in the provision of timely access to current and relevant information and its dissemination to a wider public without discrimination for educational development, current environment issues, leisure and to inculcate and promote reading habits.

Mission Statement
TLSB's Mission is to serve all people in accordance with community standards, in putting knowledge to work for the benefit of decision makers, government, local researchers, and society as well as encourage the appreciation of local traditions, and support life long education and the people's enjoyment of reading, to preserve information materials for future use and to serve as the peoples' community information centre with the support of the people, local and central government.